What I Do: I focus on helping people achieve their health and wellness goals through private yoga instruction and health coaching. Whatever ones specific goals are, I assist and support clients through the behavior changing process focused on improving overall wellness and quality of life.

Health is more than a fad; it truly is a lifestyle, a choice, and a privilege. Living a healthy lifestyle is the best preventive care out there, and it could be better than any health insurance policy. As an integrative health coach and yoga instructor, I look at the human body as a fraction of ones overall health.

I focus on lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition to address the entire being, at ones own pace and within their comfort zone. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health or wellness, and one of my main priorities is to customize and facilitate the best path for each individual client. I provide a space for people to achieve a healthier, happier and more energized life. And I am confident in my ability to guide clients through creating lasting behavioral changes along an incredible journey towards wellness. Taking into account the the mind-body-spirit, I aim to improve all aspects of life, especially those lacking attention and care.


Giana Gambino is a 200 hr yoga teacher and certified health coach based in South Florida. After developing a personal daily yoga practice to help balance out the stress of graduate school and working in non-for-profit arts organizations, she went on to complete a 200 hour teacher-training program in Costa Rica with Yoga Fox.

As a true lover of learning, Giana began studying yoga and yogic philosophy more in depth. And though she did not intend on teaching, she has developed a passion for sharing her newfound knowledge as she continues to learn.

Her yoga teaching style is lighthearted, with emphasis on non-judgement, to help create a safe space where students feel comfortable to develop and advance their own practice along with her precise asana cuing.

Giana’s passion for health and wellness has also led her to pursue a health coaching certification. Her health coaching technique is focused on supporting and guiding clients to come upon their own answers to health related questions. She facilitates the natural growth of her clients through meeting them where they are by building them up. She aims to move at a comfortable pace, and create independence through this journey toward optimal health.

Giana received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University with a double concentration in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking and Electronic Time-based media. She continued her education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she earned an MA in Arts Administration and Policy. She has previously worked as a visual arts curator, in public programming, as a studio assistant, and in arts education and publishing. Always interested in making art accessible to the public and to those not necessarily familiar with contemporary practices, she has exhibited a passion for working directly with people, either through engagement or through creative expression.

Giana sees her training in the arts, yoga instruction, and health coaching as extensions of each other and as simultaneous approaches to mental and physical forms of expression and wellbeing. She hopes to share the many gifts she’s learned along her path, through these different outlets, to help inspire and guide as many people as possible to embark on their own journey.