My trainer friend, Matthew Close, and I are collaborating to present FREE Movement Classes beginning Sunday MARCH 25th @ 10 AM, at Hughes Park in Boca Raton.

We will combine yoga and strength training techniques to optimize mobility according to our focus for the day. We will approach the whole body throughout a four week program that will incorporate dynamic and static stretching with conditioning and other unique drills to improve overall functionality, create new movement patterns and restore a functional range of motion. By improving restricted mobility, you will enjoy more freedom to your movement, experience less pain and you can even increase your performance in other disciplines. Please join us and experience this class for yourself; I guarantee that you feel the benefits of balancing strength and flexibility and recognize the importance of maintaining a movement practice!


We will meet at the playground in Hughes Park, 200 NE 14th ST, Boca Raton on March 25th at 10 AM. Arrive early, bring water and a friend (and if you feel inclined to leave a donation, that’s welcomed too)


The follow up classes will continue for the next few Sundays: April 1, 8, 15th- same time and place!